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The combination of our different areas of expertise enables us to produce and offer our customers products that are entirely designed and produced by our in-house teams.

Discover the list of our products

Solar array simulator

DAM Group - stack Assembly Line Stack conditioning

Fuel cell stack testing and assembly line

Thrust balance

Banc de calibration servovalve hydraulique DAM Group HD

Servovalves Test Bench

Custom made Leakproof joint

Laboratory e-motor test bench

DG 10 020 1 – Leak test platform for fuel cell bipolar plates and membranes

Automated production line for cylender head

DG 10 030 – Leak test bench

Rotating electrical machine test bench

High pressure test station 400 bar / 875 bar

48 V e-motor performance test bench

DAM Group - Banc de test hydraulique pour module de boîte de vitesse - embrayage

Hydraulic test bench

DG 10 011 0 – Leak test bench for bipolar plates PEM & SOFC

DAM Group banc de conditionnement pile a combusible stack hydrogene

DG 40 010 0 – Fuel cell conditioning bench

Gearbox Module Test – Automated Line

EGSE & SCOE for flight model validation and AIT testing

Assembly machine for cylinder head valve seats

Production monitoring software

DG 10 010 0 – Leak test platform

Satellite platform simulator and Payload simulator

Robot island for cylender head leak test

DAM Group - Machine de test d'étanchéité - Outillage interchangeable - DG 10 020

DG 10 020 – Leak test bench

DG 10 070 0 – Quick coupling for fuel cell and stack

e-motor test bench