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The combination of our different areas of expertise enables us to produce and offer our customers products that are entirely designed and produced by our in-house teams.

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Machine d'assemblage DAM Group

Assembly machine and leak test for turbo

Solar array simulator

DAM Group - stack Assembly Line Stack conditioning

Fuel cell stack testing and assembly line

Thrust balance

Baie de simulation DORIS

DORIS System simulator

Banc de calibration servovalve hydraulique DAM Group HD

Servovalves Test Bench

Custom made Leakproof joint

Laboratory e-motor test bench

DG 10 020 1 – Leak test platform for fuel cell bipolar plates and membranes

Automated production line for cylender head

DG 10 030 – Leak test bench

Rotating electrical machine test bench

High pressure testing station 400 bar / 875 bar

48 V e-motor performance test bench

DAM Group - Banc de test hydraulique pour module de boîte de vitesse - embrayage

Hydraulic test bench

DG 10 011 0 – Leak test bench for bipolar plates PEM & SOFC

DAM Group banc de conditionnement pile a combusible stack hydrogene

DG 40 010 0 – Fuel cell conditioning bench

Gearbox Module Test – Automated Line

EGSE & SCOE for flight model validation and AIT testing

Assembly machine for cylinder head valve seats

Production monitoring software

DG 10 010 0 – Leak test platform

Satellite platform simulator and Payload simulator

Robot island for cylender head leak test

DAM Group - Machine de test d'étanchéité - Outillage interchangeable - DG 10 020

DG 10 020 – Leak test bench

DG 10 070 0 – Quick coupling for fuel cell and stack

e-motor test bench